Stephanie Gaweda

Cinematographer | Editor 

Stephanie Gaweda
Cinematographer. Editor. Producer. Bonafide camera junkie.

I am a cinematographer, editor, and producer with a specialty in live events, performances, documentary, and unpredictable high stakes situations. When I was nine years old I commandeered my father’s Sony Mavica to document the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. While that didn’t exactly pan out, from floppy disks to film, my passion for cinema grew from there.


I have filmed and produced for clients such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The New York Daily News, Mozilla Firefox, AJPlus, Global Citizen, and many more. With my eclectic professional background, I've managed multi-million dollar amusement parks, supervised teams of 100+, and solo produced seven-figure shows and campaigns. Whether it be operating cameras in the rain while summiting volcanoes by helicopter, or trying to dodge Conor McGregor’s left hook (both true stories), my commitment to the quality of the work remains constant. 


On my days off you can catch me practicing Muay Thai or road tripping with my dogs to traverse another waterfall.